Auto Direct - Selling Cars in Japan

Selling Cars

Selling your car is always a stressful time, we can ease this process for you with the following unique options.

Option One - Consignment Sales

If you have a little time and you want the best price for your car, we can sell it for you on your behalf. We have a large number of customers who are always looking for good quality used vehicles.

We have many ways to market your vehicle. We sell cars through our many industry connections, by advertising in Japanese magazines, by advertising here on our website and by placing advertisements in our showroom window which has excellent street front visibility and heavy foot traffic.

The best part of sales by consignment is that you can still drive the vehicle, Auto Direct does all the work for you.

We can sell your vehicle on your behalf at true market value as we do not only sell to expatriates but also to the Japanese public and other dealers via internet and magazine advertising. This service is offered to our customers on a fixed commission basis.

Option two - Cash

We can offer you cash for your car, we are always looking for good cars for our stock. We buy any make, model and in any condition at fair market prices.

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Option three - Auction

If you like to sell your car quickly we can sell it on your behalf at auction with a fixed commission. The Japanese auction system is very sophisticated, it is very easy to sell a car quickly if the price is right.

Please contact us to give us the details of your car and discuss what the best options for you are.