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Auto Direct - 'One Stop Shop' with full auto services in English

We here at Auto Direct aim to provide our customers with the highest level of service. Auto Direct is a 'one stop shop' for all of your automotive needs. Vehicle ownership is very complicated in Japan there are many things to worry about such as shaken, administration, repairs, servicing/maintenance, driver licensing. Auto Direct is here to assist you with all of the paperwork and headaches involved with vehicle ownership in Japan.


Shaken is the official vehicle inspection that all cars on Japanese roads have to undergo three years after initial registration and every two years thereafter. Auto Direct offers a full shaken service. All you need to do is drop off your vehicle at our showroom and we will take care everything. Or we can pick up and drop off the car to your home.

The shaken consists of three main areas:

1. The vehicle must pass a safety inspection at the Transportation office and also undergo a more detailed inspection at a service center. Then have the necessary repairs and adjustments made

2. Weight tax which is adjusted according to your cars weight

3. Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance

The Shaken costs from 120,000yen to 300,000yen depending on the condition, weight and engine size of the vehicle

Documents needed for Shaken

1. Vehicle registration paper

2. Compulsory insurance certificate

3. Receipt of vehicle tax



Change of Ownership

The process of changing the ownership of a vehicle in Japan is very complicated. Auto Direct will help you with the change of ownership paperwork so all that you need to do is sign on the dotted line.

Documents needed from the purchaser

1. Certificate of signature from Embassy (issued within three months)
2. Power of attorney (we will supply the blank form)
3. Contact details of Parking space owner / agent

Documents needed from the seller

1. Certificate of signature from Embassy
2. Power of Attorney
3. Certificate of transfer
4. Vehicle registration certificate (shaken-sho)
5. Compulsory Insurance Certificate
6. Receipt of vehicle tax


There are three types of taxes that you pay when buying / owning a car in Japan

1. Acquisition tax this is paid at the time of purchase and is scaled according to the age of the car. The rate on new vehicles is 5%
2. Vehicle Tax is an annual tax charged from April to April every year. You will receive an invoice to your home address. Vehicle tax is based on the engine size of the vehicle. For example a 2.0 liter engine will cost 39,500yen per year.

Weight tax is charged when your vehicle is inspected for Shaken. Vehicles up to 1.5 tones cost 37,800yen for 2 years. Vehicles over 1.5 tonnes such as mini-vans and SUV's cost 50,400yen for 2 years


Japanese Drivers License

If you are planning to own a vehicle in Japan is required by Japanese law that you also obtain a Japanese drivers license. If you have a drivers license from your home country it is possible to have this transferred to a Japanese license. How easy it is to have it transferred depends on where you are from. We can assist you with this process.

If you have a license from the following countries it is possible to have your license transferred to a Japanese one without taking a written or practical drivers test.

U. K., France, Germany, Australia,New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Greece, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Belgium and Luxembourg,

If you are from Germany , France and Switzerland , you are allowed to drive without a Japanese license if you carry your original license and passport and an official translation of your license for one year from the day you entered Japan .

If you are from U. S. A. , Canada or other countries that are not mentioned above, you have to pass both a written & practical driving test. The examiners generally do not speak English and the practical test is usually takes a few attempts to pass.


English Insurance / Break Down Service

Insuring your investment and yourself from liability is essential in Japan . Unlike other countries in the event of an accident in Japan a percentage of the liability falls on both parties regardless of which party was actually at fault. Auto Direct offers tailor made insurance coverage in English, with 24 hour English Assistance Telephone Service in the event of an accident. An English roadside emergency breakdown service is also included in the insurance premiums.

The insurance premiums are scaled according to the value of the vehicle, age of driver, type of license. Insurance premiums for the 1 st year are high and are then discounted in the subsequent years.

Approximate 1st year premiums

Family Minivan
15,000yen per month (approximately)

Porsche Boxster
25,000yen per month

For a free insurance quotation please fill in the inquiry form

For a more detailed explanation of the coverage please click here. (PDF 588k)



To maintain a car in good working order it is necessary to have it regularly serviced. All vehicles should have annual servicing between shaken. Auto Direct does this for you, just drop off your vehicle at our showroom and we will take car of the rest. Or we can pick up and drop off the car to your home.

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