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"Auto Direct can source any vehicle for you".

Auto direct is a unique business, there are three elements to our business. We have two sites in Japan . A stock yard in Chiba , and head office / showroom in central Tokyo . We have been dealing with expatriate as well as domestic (Japanese) vehicle sales for seven years. We have an international staff from Japan , Canada , and New Zealand . We always keep a good number of quality stock vehicles which are popular for export as well as the domestic market.

We can source any vehicle for you and export it to nearly anywhere. There are many benefits to purchasing a Japanese used vehicle over used vehicles from your home country. Most car owners in the larger urban centers such as Tokyo to not use their car to commute to and from work, cars are mainly driven on holidays and weekends. This means that there are a lot of used vehicles for sale that are in very good condition, with genuine low kilometers.

The auction system for used vehicles in Japan is very well established, sophisticated and fair. All of the members of the auctions are dealers so the market value of the cars is well established and accepted. All vehicles are thoroughly inspected and rated by the auction house and then have a more thorough inspection by one of our staff before purchase. There is a huge number of vehicles at the auction, 65,000 cars per week!! So it is possible to source whatever you want in whatever condition.



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Cars Questions and Answers:

Q: What car models are for sale in Japan?
A: For a list of models we are selling click here

Q: What does FOB mean?
A: Fob is a shipping term meaning Free On Board. This means that a FOB quoted price includes the purchase of the car, Auto Directs commission, the transfer from the auction site to the shipping companies docks, loading of the car onto the exporting vessel and the export documentation charge charged by the shipping company in Japan .
All costs in Japan

Q: What is the grade system you are using to grade the cars?
A: We are using the same system as the Auction companies in Japan . All cars sold in Japan are given a grade. This ranges from 5.0 to ****, with 5.0 being "as new" and **** stating accident damage car. Check the following table for more details:
Auction Grade / Meaning
**** / Accident damaged, salvage
R, A, 0 / Repaired from previous accident.
RA, 0A / Repaired from previous accident, Overall condition similar to 3.5 or 4.
1 / Modified for racing, or natural damage such as hail or water damage.
2 / Poor condition.
3 / Might require 2-4 panels work, and or high KMs, and or worn inside. Generally , under average for age.
3.5 / Might need 1-2 panels work to get back to grade 4.
4/ Good condition as relates to the age of the car. No need to paint panels or recondition interior. Ready for showroom display.
4.5 and up / Mint, small use only.

Q: How do you ship the cars to the port of my choice?
A: Cars are usually shipped by RO-RO ( Roll on Roll off ) car ferries to most destinations. At certain destinations RO-RO vessels are not available. In this case, we will load your car into containers.

Q: What is the cost to deliver my selected car to the port near me?
A: Freight cost depends on the size of the vehicle. Shipping companies charge by cubic meters(M^3). To calculate the freight cost. multiply the cars cubic size by the freight charge to the destination you require. Here are some estimated cubic sizes for various car types.
Car Type = M^3 size range
Sports and Sedans = 8-12 M^3
4WD and Vans = 12-16 M^3
Trucks and Buses = 20 and up M^3

Country / Port / Per Cubic Meter ( M3 )
U.K. / Southampton, New Castle , Tilbury, Liverpool, Bristol / 65 US $
Australia / Sydney , Melbourne , Adelaide , Brisbane / 60 US $
New Zealand / Auckland , Wellington , Christchurch , Lyttelton, Nelson / 915 NZ$ per until
China / Hong Kong / 35 US $
Canada / Vancouver / 65 US $

Q: I live in the UK and wish to get info about SVA and ESVA?
A: Please contact the DVLA, your local VRO or YuwAutotrade . If you need more details regarding specific models, please contact us by email

Q: I live in Australia and wish to know what cars I can Import?
A: For information on the vehicles you can import to Australia please visit the DOTRS web site.

Parts Questions:

Q: How do you send parts to my country?
A: We presently offer a choice of 3 freight services, which have a different combination of shipping rates, weight and volume of cargo and delivery speed.
1: Express Mail service - Japan Postal Service
2: UPS
3: Sea freight - For the cheapest yet slowest shipping option. Contact us for details related for sea freight.


Export process & costs: UK , New Zealand , Australia , Canada , US



Per CubicMeter (M3)


Southampton, New Castle , Tilbury, Liverpool, Bristol

65 US $


Sydney Melbourne, Adelaide , Brisbane ,

60 US $


Perth / Fremantal

66 US $

New Zealand

Auckland , Wellington , Christchurch / Lyttelton, Nelson

915 NZ $per unit


Hong Kong

35 US $


Larnaca, Limassol

65 US $



65 US $

East Africa

Mombassa, Dar Es Salaam

65 US $



45,000 JPYPer unit

Sri Lanka


60 US $

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